Collection: Pellew

2021 Pellew Sailing in Scotland

Pellew Bow Sailing

Sail the Hebrides on Pellew as she explores remote anchorages, secluded islands and wonderful wildlife locations.

2021 Pellew Voyage to Scotland

Pellew Sailings Falmouth

Join Pellew as she makes the voyage North to the West coast of Scotland. Sail from Cornwall and experience life on the open water.

2021 Pellew – Paimpol

Paimpol festival boats

Sail across the English Channel with Pilot Cutter Pellew as she explores the coast of Brittany and joins the bi-annual Paimpol Maritime Festival.

Pellew – Falmouth to Porto Delivery

Agnes sailing

Sail from Falmouth, across the Bay of Biscay and down the Spanish coast before reaching the Portuguese town of Porto on Pilot Cutter Pellew.

Pellew – Mayflower Celebrations 400

Devon Start Point

Sail from Falmouth onboard Pilot Cutter Pellew as she makes way for Dartmouth to join the start of the Mayflower 400 celebrations.

Pellew – Dartmouth to Falmouth

Devon coast

Over four days, sail Pilot Cutter Pellew from Dartmouth to Falmouth. A fantastic way to view the beautiful coastline of Devon and Cornwall.

Pellew – Channel Islands & Brittany

Brittany France

Set sail with Pellew from Falmouth and make your way across the English Channel to discover the Channel Islands and the North Coast of Brittany.

Pellew – Cornish coastal sailing


Discover and explore the Cornish Coast with exhilarating sailing by day and hidden anchorages by night onboard Pilot Cutter Pellew.

Pellew – Sea Salts and Sail

Pellow Pilot Cutters Sailing

Join Pilot Cutter Pellew as she takes part in the bi-annual Sea, Salts and Sail Festival in Mousehole, Cornwall

Pellew – Falmouth Classics

Pellow Pilot Cutters Sailing

Join Pilot Cutter Pellew as she takes part in the annual Falmouth Classics and Sea Shanty Festival

Pellew – Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly St Martins

Discover the breath-taking archipelago of the Isles of Scilly situated off the coast of Cornwall on board a Cornish Pilot Cutter.